50 Tips to Sprint Faster

Learn the secrets to sprinter's technique, training, and competition preparation.

Tips to Sprint Faster

This is a detailed guide sharing my best sprinting tips I use in high school. I reached the Los Angeles City Track & Field Semi-Finals for the 4×1 relay, high hurdles, and triple jump.

In this ebook you will find 50 tips covering the proper running technique, racing strategy, some training drills, and even sneaky secrets to outsmart the competition on race day. Every little second counts in sprinting so having 50 ways to improve your performance will definitely cut your time down. Many of these tips are not found anywhere else on the internet (I know because I’ve looked). If my guide 10 Secrets How to Run Faster¬†helped your performance, this one will take you to the next level!

What’s included in this sprint ebook?

  • detailed breakdown of the 4 phases of sprinting
  • proper position of your limbs during running stride
  • breakdowns of the stride cycle and stride technique
  • commonly overlooked leg muscles that improve speed (and the exercises to strengthen them)
  • common form mistakes
  • different ways to add variation to speed training
  • how to develop increased max speed
  • how to stretch
  • how to develop core muscles
  • secret tips to improve your running posture when you’re not training
  • psychological tips to get the edge over your competitors
  • running strategy for 100m/200m/400m/relay sprint races
  • different training attitudes

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P.S.: Good luck in your next race! – Rado