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Online Fitness Training

Hopefully, I can make a little bit of money off this site for all my knowledge because the website advertisements only give me like $3/month.

RADO’S ONLINE FITNESS TRAINING is $8.99/month and you basically email and instant message me as often as you like throughout the month. I respond within 24 hours but usually within hours as noticed on my site. Other than the rules listed above, you can pretty much ask me anything. Six pack advice, weight loss, powerlifting, boxing, fight tips, and anything anywhere remotely related to fitness.

– I keep track of you individually and create better customized workouts for you!
– I can monitor your progress and make helpful adjustments to your training and diet!
– You can get a faster response from me than on the website pages!
– You can get as much expert fitness advice as you want for one low price!
– 15-days money-back guarantee! (If you don’t like the help, I just give you back your money no questions asked!)

Don’t want to pay for expert personal training service? Here’s how you can get my fitness coaching advice for free:

– Refer 4 friends to use my service!
– Link to my website from your website using any text related to fitness, fighting, or boxing! (You must have a real site and not a parked page!)
– Make over 1000 posts in our forums!

Check back here often, I’ll always be looking for more ways to help you! Thanks for checking out my site and I hope to see you again! – Rado