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10 Reasons Why Your Muscles Stopped Growing

Here goes the top reasons why people aren’t growing. Just about everyone who has ever weightlifted has been guilty of all of this! Even the PROS! Fortunately, some of us learn and then go on to get stronger and bigger over the years, while the rest quit because they stop making gains.

Read on to see what you’ve been doing wrong.



1. Not Resting

Muscle grows when you rest, NOT during a workout. Give your muscles a break! Stop working out everyday! Your muscles need time to rest to rebuild and grow even bigger. If you’re working out everyday, that will never happen and you will find yourself lifting the same weight forever. Also, stop believing that you can work different muscles on consecutive days. Keep in mind that your energy and resources are limited. If you’re busy working out your legs, your chest won’t get a chance to absorb the nutrients to grow. You also need to remember that as your muscles get bigger, they need more time to rest.

2. Over-training in the Gym

Ok, stop spending 3-4 hours in the gym. Keep in mind that to make your body efficient, you’ve only got a 1-hour time frame to do heavy lifting. Because after that, you run out of adrenaline and your body starts going into resting mode. Resting mode is what gives your muscles that painful tearing *pinch* feeling. IF you feel your muscles pinching and tearing, STOP working out and let them rest. Lift hard with high intensity for a good coupla sets and then move on. Spending hours will only work AGAINST you.

3. Not working your big muscles

This is another common one. So many people are going to gym and doing nothing but curling. Or nothing but benching. Ok, remember..your legs and chest are your main biggest muscles. There is no way that your body will ever allow your smaller muscles to be bigger or stronger than your big muscles (the exception is steroids). It’s a natural hierarchy that applies to everyone’s body. Working out your biceps 3 hours a day will never make them grow bigger than your chest. If your biceps are growing try working out your chest. Believe it or not, you CAN get a bigger upper body by getting a bigger lower body. Train your big muscles (especially your legs) to allow room for your smaller muscles to grow. It just works that way!

4. Bad Training Routine

A good routine is a steady rthym of working out and cycling exercises that stimulates your body for maximum growth. If you’ve been doing the same thing for months and nothing happens, it’s time to change your routine! Do NOT make the idiotic mistake of copying the same routine that you see some other buff gymrat at your gym. They are most likely naturally big and they will continue to grow with little stimulation and bad workout routines. If you are not a natural, you will have to spend many workouts figuring out the perfect intervals for your workout routines. A perfect routine will tell you how many sets, reps, weight, and days of rest you will need for each muscle. Discover yours and enjoy endless growing and strength forever. Remember that what works for someone probably won’t work for you.

5. Bad Diet

Your muscles will never grow if you do not feed them the carbs and proteins they need. Do not just eat proteins. Proteins help muscle growth, but you still need carbs to give you energy to use those big muscles! And bigger muscles need alot more energy!

6. Not lifting HEAVY enough

You need to shock your muscle to stimulate it into growing bigger. If your muscles aren’t growing, you might need higher intensity workouts.

7. Cross-training

There are many kinds of workouts that all help your body performance in different ways – strength, size, power, endurance, and more. The truth is, you can only pick one of those. It is pretty much impossible to train as a long-distance runner AND a bodybuilder. Your body is only meant to focus in one area. Pick the one you need the most and stick to it. If you training for strength and speed at the same time, you will become mediocre at both.

8. Weak Support Muscles

You can’t lift more weight because your small muscles can’t support it. For example, not being able to bench 250 pounds because your forearms aren’t holding the weight steady. Train your smaller support muscles.

9. Over-reliance on Supplements

There are too many people using creatine and whey protein to get bigger instead of discovering their perfect workout routine. These people will also be the ones that get that quick initial growth and then stop growing. The reason is simply because supplements can only give you a small boost; what keeps you growing is a perfect routine meant for your body.

10. Not warming-up

Warming up prepares your muscles for heavy lifting. Stretching will increase your muscles’ full range of motion. Guess what happens when you skip a workout? Your muscles are still and cold. Your first set will tire you out prematurely and you won’t have the energy to lift heavy for much longer. Stop being afraid of wearing yourself out. Warming up should take you an easy hour stretching and lifting very very light weights to get the blood running and stretching your muscles to their full range of motion.



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  • Chris September 16, 2011, 4:47 pm

    Who in their right mind warms up for “at least an hour” when their workout is only an hour? This articles retarded

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