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3 GREAT Tricep Blasters

Cable pulldowns rock

The truth is: you can’t have big arms without big triceps! Believe it or not, triceps are actually bigger and stronger than biceps and will take up more mass if you work them out. Read more to find out how!



1) Cable Pulldowns – Use the rope attachment, not the v-bar. Make a fist around the ends and point the bottom of your fist towards the ground like you’re hammering the ground. Keep your elbows locked in one position and keep them there while your pull the cable down. Squeeze your triceps when your arms are fully extended. When you’re bring the cable back up, don’t bring it all the way.

2) Narrow-grip benchpress – Grip the bar with your hands only like a waist length apart from each other. Lower the bar to your lower chest. DO NOT BOUNCE! And bring it back up. Using a suicide grip (thumb is wrapped the “top” of the bar so that it’s right next to your index finger instead of opposite of it) would be good here. Again, squeeze your triceps at the top of the lift.

3) Dips – Still one of the best exercises to forming the bottom curve of your chest and building strong triceps. Using your own body weight as a freeweight strengths your upper body all around and definitely targets your triceps as well as lower chest. Start with assisted dips if you can’t do a regular dip. Keep breathing and take the pain.

When doing these lifts, make sure you’re giving even effort with both sides and do not contort your body to the side to aid the lift. Keep your body even! Keep up the hard work and you’ll get bigger triceps and bigger arms in no time!



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