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Streetfighting Defense


Streetfighting should never be on your agenda! The reason why is obvious – streetfights are never fair. People will outnumber you, or pull out weapons you don’t have, OR they get their pride and egos so hurt that they’ll be looking to kill you afterwards.

This defensive guide is meant to inform you to keep you alive when on the streets, bars, and other dangerous places.



Here are some basic defense tips

– Always look for exits, prepare like you’re going to run learn your exits and escape points.

– If someone is following you, do NOT keep walking and acting like you don’t notice. This is EXACTLY how “prey” act. They try to act like they don’t notice. Instead, quickly turn around and ASK your stalker/approacher/aggressor what he wants. “STOP! What do you want?” This places the spotlight, the question, and the focus on him. A lot of times, this can break his trance and let him know that you’re not afraid, other times it can make him stop and think rationally. Other times, this can make him realize that he’s been spotted and to decide to call it off and just walk away.

If cornered or outnumbered. Walk around and position yourself to run off, but while do so: laugh at your aggressor like you plan on taking him head on. Keep asking him what he wants, put the focus on him, MAKE HIM THINK.

– Always keep your eyes on your opponent. It’s hard to defend or counter if you don’t know what he’s doing!

– Anything can be a weapon… keys, knuckles, fingers, a rock on the ground, a chair, etc… Look for improvised weapons!

– Attack with surprise. Stab him in the eye with a table knife, a pen or punch him. When using a fist, aim for the nose. You’re looking to knock him out. Do NOT go for the jaw. The jaw is a great place to aim for but if you’re inexperienced it can be hard to hit. The best way to hit the jaw is with a punch that comes from the side, like a hook, don’t use a straight punch to the jaw. If you have a stick, you can hit him in the face or on the back of the head. If you have a knife, go for the throat. Him once or twice and RUN! Get the hell out of there!

– Knife defense – If the other guy has a knife, quickly remove your jacket shirt and wrap it around one of your arms to use as a shield. Keep in mind that a knife can be easily defended against if you know the basic knife-fighting motions. A knife can

– Gun defense – There are several ways to disarm a guy of his gun. Do NOT attempt any of them unless you’re close enough to pull it off. I will get pictures up soon enough.

– Stay calm! It’s hard to do this when your life is in danger, but you could easily die if you don’t think!

– If you’re going to run for safety, never go down a dead-end, look for lights and people.

– AVOID CONFRONTATIONS – this should be obvious but most people don’t understand that just because someone offends you in any way doesn’t mean you need to defend yourself. Too many people lose their lives over simple matters because they have big egos or get insulted too easily. I would even say that some of these people deserved to die. Don’t be stupid and mess with people you don’t know. Don’t start shit with anyone and don’t be a punk.



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