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5 New Ways to Run

Most people don’t have any set ideas of what their running training should be like. Unfortunately, these same individuals are the ones who run 3 miles a day and consider it a workout.

One word comes to mind: BORING. Every running workout should push you mentally or physically. Read on for some new running ideas.



1. Blind Route

Stop running the same route and distance everyday. A great running idea I learned from the Army is to run a new route everyday. Take different turns in all directions and don’t allow your body to train to any exact distance. This not only trains your body to be limited to that distance but also trains your mind to feel fatigued once you’ve ran a certain distance. By running a new route, you keep the course fresh and your mind alert since you’re not constantly trying to measure laps or distance. Best of all, this exercise will teach you that no matter how far you’ve ran, you’ve always got room for more!

2. Run Backwards

Running backwards works your stabilizer muscles and your calves. A great way to run backwards is to run backwards going uphill. Just make sure you watch your balance and look around to make sure you’re running straight to avoid running into things. Running backwards is extremely intense on the calves so I recommend it to everyone.

3. Run on Sand

Running at the beach is a very relaxing way to run and enjoy the sun assuming you’re running during those hours. Running barefooted on the same is also very calming on the feet and easy on your joints. At the same time, the sand will force your legs to build power into every running step. Another great place to run on sand is at a sand dune if you have one nearby. Sand dunes are quite possibly the most challenging running exercise I’ve ever tried.

4. Stair Day

Don’t just run on flat ground and hills. Try running up stairs. It’s a great way to build power in your legs as well as break you from the same old flatland runs. You can start on the stairs going 1 step at a time and increase to 3 steps at a time. You can also repeat that with one-legged hops and two-legged hops.

5. Interval Sprints

Sprinting increases your body’s maximum oxygen intake as well as build power and stamina for your body. A sprint workout is also great for days when you don’t have too much time to run but want to fit in a short effective workout.


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    I do training for 100 mtrs so what type of workout should I do because I have none to give me workout so please help me I have a race in August

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