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8 Bad Weight Loss Tips

Believe it or not, most of the well-intended weight-loss tips you’re receiving is probably bad weight loss advice. This knowledge will not only prevent you from effectively losing weight, it might make you gain weight in the long run! Read on to gain insight on the most popular bad weight loss tips and avoid further harm to your body.



1. Don’t Eat

Bad weight loss idea! When you stop eating, it’s not weight loss anymore, it’s called starvation. By starving yourself, your body will even lower it’s metabolism so that you can survive longer on less food. What this means is that you will feel more fatigued and less energetic and your weight will remain the same. In some cases, you might even gain more weight by starving. You can eat LESS harmful foods, but make sure to eat like a healthy regular adult. You can skip meals if need be but make sure you are getting all the daily nutrients you need.

2. Take pills

Weight-loss pills or aggressive bodybuilding supplments like Hydroxycut are DANGEROUS for your body. At best, they will do nothing for you and leave your body unharmed. At their worst, they will make you lose weight an potentially harm your body in a variety of ways. Simply put, there is no magical weight loss pill. Weight loss pills cannot just banish the fat from your body. They work by stopping your body from absorbing food. This might keep your body from absorbing fat but it will also stop your body from absorbing helpful nutrients! Weight loss pills are a danger to your health and should be avoided at all costs. Do not trust ANY of them. They are commonly known to get pulled off the market within years only to change their chemical structure and get released again under a new name.

3. Don’t drink water

Some people seem to believe that their body is holding large amounts of water and that by not drinking water, they can lose weight. Some weight loss pills actually work by making your body lose water weight. The basic idea is that your body needs water to function properly. Losing weight by decreasing the water in your body can be dangerous and will not decrease the fat in your body. Losing weight by losing water weight will only take off 10-20 pounds at the maximum.

4. Excessively strict dieting

Some people won’t eat after a certain time while others will skip breakfast everyday. Whatever it is, your dieting plan does not have to be super-strict (unless you eat every 30 minutes). A more feasible and realistic plan would be to eat healthy and binge every now and then to keep your weight loss plan fun and flexible. Avoiding “fun” foods altogether will only add to your temptation of giving up on weight loss. There’s no need to make challenges so difficult that they’ll make you quit.

5. Avoid carbs

Avoiding all carbohydrates is dangerous. Everyone needs carbs as basic energy to function throughout the day. The Atkins diet and many other low-carb diets have become famous for their ability to help people lose a ton of weight. In reality, they are another form of “starvation”. You should eat less carbs, but don’t avoid them completely when trying to lose weight.

6. Workout for hours everyday

Leave the bootcamp attitude to the military. Weight loss is supposed to be serious but also motivating. Working 3 hours everyday might only be marginally better than working out only 30 minutes everyday at a good pace. Don’t kill yourself when you’re in the gym. Have fun and make the painful part fast. Forcing yourself to keep exercising even when you’re tired will only increase your chances of injury and make you too tired to workout effectively the next day. Short effective workouts are far more beneficial than long ones. The “no pain, no gain” rule obviously doesn’t apply here.

7. Buy equipment

Effective weight loss requires no fancy equipment or exercise gadget whatsoever. You can get the best exercise just by using your own body weight and moving around in an endless variety of motions. There is no need to spend money on fancy gear unless that makes working out more exciting for you.

8. Change your lifestyle

This might work for some people but for most, it leads to an inevitable failure. The simple reason is that it is incredibly hard to change your lifestyle. Losing weight effectively is more about incorporating healthier choices into your lifestyle than to become a machine on a strict diet and strict agenda. By taking out all the fun and normality in your life, you are only setting yourself to hate the weight loss plan more and more everyday. Instead of making a full 180 on the lifestyle you love, try walking more, or doing exercises during the commercials when you watch TV. Get a workout buddy and do fun exercises or sports that you love. Limit yourself but don’t stop yourself from eating all the foods you love.


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