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How to Run Hurdles

This is a guide to running hurdles. The tips here are based on my own experiences as a SHORT hurdler and will also include regular tips known through the track and field sport. I stand at 5’7″ so I can definitely assist shorter hurdlers with my advice. I felt the need to write this article because I was having a hell of a time finding good articles on Google that address all the elements of hurdling in full detail. I’ll address many issues here that plague beginning hurdlers and even advanced hurdlers.{googleAds}


The Theory

How to Beat the Competition
– less hangtime
– prevent speed loss
– maximize speed

Body Movement
– your head is the most important part (placement, lean, height, and aim
– lead leg
– upper body (lead arm, trail arm)
– trail leg
– body fold
– how a hurdle jump should feel (running over the hurdle, not jumping)

Between the hurdles
– running
– stepping
– final hurdle

Common problems
– being afraid of the hurdles
– feeling trapped in the middle lanes
– being nervous at the starting line

Hurdle Drills
– stretching
– confidence boosters
– speed
– form
– speed maintenance


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  • short hurdler July 28, 2011, 8:21 am

    i am also a short hurdler
    hey rado, ive read your other guides n they are all very helpful, but could you specify how to lessen the hangtime and the other ways to bet the competition?, also what type of hurdle drills like specific drills that are good?? thanks!!! and also wen i do hurdles i seem to be able to do the recommended 3 steps in between for the first 4-6 hurdles n then either i start rushing and lose my 3 steps or…i start to lose space soo im unable to do the 3 steps, do you think i should work on strides?? or jump distance??, my coach says that its my trail leg that isnt taking a big step enough. PLS HELPP!!!!

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