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Top 5 Reasons to take Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu is not merely a sport.  It is a way of life.  It changes you in more ways than one.  But more than just a great sport, what makes it so iconic in the eyes of many?  Here are the 5 main reasons why you should seriously give this ancient martial art a second look (In no particular order of importance).

1. Confidence:  Believe it or not, Jiu Jitsu guys are the most reserved and collected of the Martial arts bunch.  It's no secret to them that since they know their form of combat has been tested and proven to be effective in almost every scenario.  Win, lose, or draw, they know they'll put up a good fight.  This can be seen by the way they walk, speak, and visually present themselves.  They have trained for years and years, and fought against different styles and disciplines, while keeping what's effective and discarding what is not needed.  They know what needs to be done, and will do it with an unwavering sense of determination.

2. Understanding: People don't seem to realize that the martial arts doesn't create violence, it helps us to understand it.  It brings us that much closer to seeing it not as something malicious, but that can be controlled and put through in a positive outlet.  How many times do you see black belts duking it out at the bar, or throwing the first punch in a street fight?  It's because Jiu Jitsu offers a level of violence in every session that you become cognizant of it's strengths, as well as weaknesses.  By understanding violence, you learn how to utlilize it effectively.

3. Patience: Did you know it takes an average of 10 years to become just a first degree black belt in Jiu Jitsu?   Within the decade it takes you to earn your black belt, you develop zen-like patience that allows you to weather the toughest of times, both in training and in life.  You begin to appreciate the training you go through, and when you achieve the upper echolen status, everything will be that much sweeter.

4. Application:  Over everything else, a Jiu Jitsu man will know how to apply everything useful he has learned.  All the moves, the drills, and the submissions he has put together over the years flow freely and in a systematic order.  Nothing is put to waste.  Everything is done with a sense of purpose and practicality.  He won't choose to do something out of chance or desperation, all that he does is with knowledge of his surroundings, as well as the confidence needed to execute whatever action he may take.  This kind of determination will also permeate into your personal life, as you apply the life lessons of Jiu Jitsu into becoming a better person.  The strong willed determination, patience, understanding, it's not limited to the mats.  You carry these lessons over to your life.

5. Practicality:  Out of the martial arts, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Kung Fu, Aikido, Jiu Jitsu just makes the most sense to practice.  Most street fights end up on the ground, why not train to be prepared when the inevitable occurs?  No one in a brawl has EVER thrown a cresent kick or a crane strike.  They mostly charge, push, shove, or throw sloppy haymakers.  Best defense?  A kimura from the top position, guillotine from the charge, or a good ol' Uchi-mata throw from the punches.  It's not just about learning the good moves, but the practical ones that will save your neck and ridicule from your friends. 

Still not convinced?  Check out some of our great instructionals at the MMA Video Section! 

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  • Agent Rado November 13, 2006, 1:26 pm

    – you’ll be in excellent shape!
    – you’ll really have faith in your defensive skills
    – you’ll meet cool people

    – nice article, paul

  • X June 25, 2008, 7:20 am

    Jiu Jitsu is taken up by alot of Armed Forces in the world today because of its excellence in close combat scenarios

  • jack3 September 20, 2009, 2:51 pm

    cool article ive been thinkin about takin this for a couple days now and i think it would be really cool

  • Unknown April 12, 2010, 12:32 am

    Not just jujitsu. But Judo is also good. Look at Hidehiko Yoshida vs. Royce Graice. Yoshida defeated him out right and with Graice ring rules as well. So there are also martial arts just as good as jujitsu out there.

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  • joe brown January 8, 2011, 2:21 pm

    from carnicella jui-jitsu .. nj..
    jui-jitsu is effective in my opinion in case ur knocked or tripped to the ground , the fight is likely to be over fast ..u can submit easily once ur there 😉 go for it people…

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